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A generous offer from my new friend Prem, who I’d met at the opening of The Shakespeare pub a while back, prompted me to write this post. He’s a massive spirits fan and when I told him that a brewery in East Anglia called Adnams made its own spirits, he nearly fell off his chair!  On my recommendation, Prem texted me to say he was off on a jaunt with friends to visit Adnams in Southwold and he asked me if there was anything I wanted him to bring back for me. ‘Hell yeah!’, I said. It was a no brainer.

So I’ve finally gotten round to posting some pics from the visit The Main Man and I made to Adnams brewery and Copper House distillery in Southwold not so long ago. Shame on me for not doing it sooner because this place is steeeeeeeeeeeeeeped in history: beer’s been brewed at the Sole Bay site for around 350 years.

Thanks to Emma Hibbert (Corporate Affairs Manager) for taking care of expert care of us and introducing us to the awesome food at The Lord Nelson Pub and The Swan Hotel. Cheers for Head Brewer, Fergus Fitzgerald, for the fabulous brewery tour and Head DistillerJohn McCarthy for giving us a sneaky peak of some of his vodka & gin concoctions which may well end up being on sale very soon (Pimento’s my fave!!)

Yes, it was cold and cloudy but that didn’t stop us from mooching around on the seafront and generally enjoying life, beer and everything to do with Adnams. I’ve never been to Southwold in Suffolk before. It was chocolate-boxy in a Balamory kind of way (yes, I was born in the city!) and it was beautiful. No hustle and bustle of public transport or the constant woo-woos of police sirens. It was lush.

Many more cheesy grins to come!!

I want one of these!

And what I love about Adnams is that it feels ‘cool’. Self-assured but not conceited. I’m not paid by anyone to write about any brand on Beer Beauty – I just shout about what I like in the hope that you might go and try a drink they make to see what all the fuss I’m making is about. And hopefully you’ll find a drink (or drinks) of theirs that you like too. Adnams is a brand that really knows its customer. And its customers are loyal: they show their love right back. Everything Adnams does, they do well, they excel.  On the beer front, Fergus offered to show me his cellar (now where have I heard THAT line before?) and we even had a taste of history….

We did drink this one: it was remarkably good

Their wonderful range of beers (Broadside ROCKS!), their wines (yes, you heard me I said WINES) and their spirits (OH, their spirits ;-)). The customer service in the Cellar & Kitchen store was superb and we had sooooooooooo much fun. Praise the Lord there’s one in Richmond near my future sister-in-laws so I can go stock up whenever we visit.

What did I say about the cheesy grin??

Beer Beuaty & Emma Hibbert, Adnams Corporate Affairs Manager (I did warn you)

Lovely homeware in the Cellar & Kitchen shop

Even more lovely stuff in the shop

Cafe area

Old coppers are used in the cafe areas inside the shop! Clever or WHAT?

The extraordinarily, magical Copper House Distillery!

The fabulous Swan Hotel

Our Adnams goodies

Adnams does terrific things for charity, they have an amazing state-of-the-art brewing facility and they’re the first brewery in the UK to use local food waste & the brewery waste to make renewable gas that then gets injected back into the national grid! Yikes! You only have to explore their website to get a feel for what they are about.

So The Main Man and I are definitely planning to head back to Southwold when it’s sunny and warm, to check out the Bio Energy plant, to soak up some rays and get some more Adnams goodies.

A massive THANK-YOU for taking the time to show us your world, Adnams!!

And what about that generous gift Prem brought back for me…?  It’s lush, by the way 😉

48% Adnams Gin - whooooooooooooooosh!

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