Beautiful Banks’s


I’ve not posted for a while cos of various work commitments and stuff I won’t bore you with. Best news is I’ve got some lovely pics to share with you of my tour at one of my great local breweries, Banks’s in Wolverhampton. Part of the Marston’s group, the Banks’s site recently celebrated the 1st birthday of their Visitor Centre. It’s well worth a visit and a stop off in the shop later (as you’ll see, I popped in to grab a few goodies). If you’re ever in the West Midlands and wondering which brewery to take in, here are the details. Now go grab yourself some of my brewery porn!

The brewery has a long and illustrious heritage in the West Midlands with pubs all across the region. If you’ve not done a brewery tour before it’s well worth doing. You get an expert guide showing you how the brewery makes beer from start to finish. They usually take about an hour. You end up in a special mini-pub where you usually get at least a pint of beer to taste for free (with Banks’s it’s TWO PINTS, so leave your car keys at home!) and then you have all the time in the world to browse the custom-built shop where you can buy the beers and other cool merchandise.

Cheers to the wonderful Joanne Wyke and my tour guide for taking me around.

Home with The Haul from my Banks's Brewery Tour!

4 Responses to Beautiful Banks’s

  1. Jane Peyton says:

    Love the pics of the Banks’ fermenting tanks – all that fluffy yeast turning the brew into the magical Mild!

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      I just LOVE seeing the fluffy yeast in those open fermenters too!!! It was like The Money Shot!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Beer Beauty

    I’ve been to Banks’s on a tour as well and loved it. I went back for my b/day but didn’t do another tour, just raided the shop and bought loads of goodies. I do love their beer and it’s my fav since spending more time in the Black Country. We had a fab time when we did the tour though and we were shown around by Mr Richard Frost whose the boss. Very impressive. I’ll be going back to the shop again for some goodies :)

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      The shop and the bar are really cute, aren’t they? More power to you for meeting Mr Frost, the man himself. HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you head out on any more brewery tours!! x

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