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The funniest words you’ll ever hear from brewers who brew with love and passion but with fabulous abandon: ‘We accidentally made a double IPA today’. Logan Plant the founder of Beavertown Brewery  in Hackney waxed lyrical to me no sooner I stepped inside the place to meet him for the very first time last week. Beavertown is something else. Sharing its home with Duke’s Joint , a rib shack modelled on one you might find in America’s Deep South (f you know it!), tucked away down a quiet residential street in the London borough (two minutes walk from Haggerston Overground station). It’s in the posh sounding De Beauvoir part of Hackney – that in Victorian times was filled with breweries and ale houses. But because back then either no-one knew how to say it properly, or people just wanted to take the mic, so the area was nicknamed Beavertown. Between them, my fellow Midlanders who’ve been chums for years, Logan, James – who brews with him –  and Hannah, who runs the Joint, are all causing something of a very loud stir in the capital city.

Anyway, so back to this Triple IPA, Logan was telling me about. Hell, it’s gonna be a smack in the face when you taste it! James was properly excited about the accidental brew.  He was bounding around telling me and my fab mate, Steve (from London Cocktail Scholars who very kindly took me down to meet everyone). James has a fine art degree and who used to work at the Kernel brewery in Bermondsey (a very decent pedigree indeed), he told me about how the mash got stuck and produced a much sweeter wort (the liquid that comes from mixing the malted barley in hot water) for the fermentation process than they’d imagined. And so Triple C (which will be around 7.5% strength) was born. BRILLIANT!

The guys make hop-forward beers that will knock your tastebuds for six and smash any outdated perception you might have that beer is boring. You might have heard that much of  the British microbrewery scene is enjoying a massive love affair with American hops, and the Beavertown crew is no exception : Columbus, Bravo, Simco, Citra, Cascade hops and the like go into the beer. And terrific brews they are.  Beers bursting with flavour. That’s the point. Who doesn’t want a flavour kick in our lives, huh??? And these hops usually result in incredibly zesty and citrus smells on the nose  – anything from lemons and limes to grapefruit. Their 8 Ball ( Rye ) IPA has massive clumps of rye thrown into the mashing stage and it’s a huge beer.

The poster above my toilet seat!!!

At around 7.4% strength Black Betty IPA is- dry-hopped with Columbus and Citra hops, this beer smells like berries from heaven (blackberries & raspberries for sure) and has a mouthwatering balance of all those flavours as you drink it, coupled with a seductive smoothness as it slips down the back of your throat and a dry finish. Strong beers: YES! But they are designed to be sipped and not necked. (Though they do make a terrific beer called Neck Oil, a great phrase Logan  old me that his Granddad used to say: ‘I’m off down the pub for some neck oil’!)


Woah, Black Betty!!




* Fabulous bottle artwork by this up-and-coming artist and wonderfully smiley guy, Nick , who also works as a waiter at Duke’s. Talk about multi-talented!


We also tried the superbly named Smog Rocket, their smoked porter: I fell in love when I saw it – dark beers are so mysterious – but I was worried when I smelt it – the smoky aroma in any beer scares me a bit, I’m worried that I  might not like the taste.  Might seem a tad unreasonable I know, but it’s the fear of previous disappointment that drives me, because I’ve been let down before (naming no names!) But when I tried it, Hannah laughed at me as I shut my eyes, swayed from side to side and hummed happily. A perfect combination of light smokiness and coffee danced over my tongue. Light on sweetness though, but not an issue for me. A wonderfully balanced beer. A stroke of genius.

And all of their wonderful can be enjoyed at the bar (if you can get a space) or at your table in the Duke’s Joint restaurant, alongside a mahoooooooooosive stack of sticky ribs, and burgers they serve up. It’s safe to say the ribs beat me, I tried hard to finish them all, but it was definitely a 2-person meal on that plate 😉

(Pic courtesy of London Cocktail Scholar)


(Pic courtesy of London Cocktail Scholar)



I was there last Tuesday night and it was rammed, packed out, heaving with people at the bar, every table full. This place is no joke, get there early or be left out in the cold.


Hannah & James


Check out this quick vid of the bar and the meatilicious kitchen in mood lighting again!

The bar didn’t just have Beavertown beers but also Meantime Helles, Marble Pint, Thornbridge Jaipur, Darkstar Hophead and Tiny Rebel Urban IPA (if my memory’s right).

So the boys cask, bottle and keg their beers and only release sell them to the craft beer bars in London who they know care about beer as much as they do. Twitter is their modus operandi, so keep an eye on their account if a) you can’t get to the Duke’s Joint bar and b) you want to know where their latest beer might be landing soon.


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