Beer & Beauty personified?!?

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I love this. I got sent a press release this morning, and The Main Man had to hide my handbag and my contact lenses so I couldn’t run out of the house and jump on a train to London to try them all for myself! The hip and happening Brown’s Hotel in London is now offering beer and barley beauty treatments for MEN AND WOMEN, which use British grown Marris Otter barley and hops. There’s also a little help from St. Austell Brewery & Hook Norton Brewery,: you can relax with one of their beers while you’re chilling out after your pampering sesh.

You can spend time relaxing and getting fluffed up to perfection with any of all (if you’re in the mood to flash the cash) of the following. Why? To celebrate hop harvest time which is coming soon: both Kent and Herefordshire, have hop festival celebrations coming up in the first weekend of September.

The hotel’s hooked up with Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire (one of the last remaining floor maltsters where barley is made ready for the brewing process) and come up with the idea. They’ve also nicked a couple of beers from the list at HIX at The Albermarle. So here’s how the blurb describes these delights which you can get from around £85.00

Pale Ale Pedicure (90 minutes):

Whilst you enjoy a hot malt drink and barley snack, an invigorating blend of Epsom salts, hop flowers and sesame seed oil will be used to exfoliate your feet before they are soaked in a stimulating beer bath (using Hooky Gold Ale).  Guests will then experience a pressure point foot massage with Ninkasi lotion and a nourishing barley and sesame seed foot wrap, making the feet feel super soft.  The nails are shaped and painted with a colour of choice.

Pale Ale Pedicure at Brown's Hotel London (pic courtesy of R And R Teamworks)

Honey and Barley Facial (75 minutes):

The facial begins with a hot malt drink and a thorough cleanse using Lagoon Gelee before the area is toned with Lagoon Water.  The honey and barley facial is then applied to the face, neck and décolleté.  The sesame seed oil promotes supple, soft skin and works to tighten facial skin and control enlarged pores to control breakouts.  Following the facial, guests are invited to relax with a glass of refreshing St Austell Tribute ale – made from the same Maris Otter barley – and a barley snack before they leave the spa.

Blissful Barley Body Wrap (90 minutes):

This relaxing wrap begins with a hot malt drink and uses Epsom salts, hops, sesame seed oil and rough grist barley in the body scrub to improve circulation and tonicity, reduce swelling and restore vitality to tired, dry skin.  Following the wrap,you’re invited to relax with a glass of refreshing British beer and a barley snack.

Metrosexual funny men and beer connoisseurs, Tom & Ben, the Dwink boys were sent along to try the treatments out. I’m hoping to get me some of this very soon cos as you know I believe there is BEAUTY IN BEER.  I just think it’s a clever and inspired bit of marketing and hope it will catch on. I can see group of guys on a stag night lining up to have their turn for a pedicure, deliberating over which colour to have their toenails painted in!

But The Big Question is ‘Would you book in for one of these treatments?’ 


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  1. ella says:

    I remember being shown the hop flowers at your Beer Beauty event in Brum – they smelled delicous and were so fresh and soft, I can’t believe its taken this long to come up with a beauty treatment using them to be honest! :)

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