Beer Beauty & The Main Man only went & got married!


This very day last week was an incredibly special day for me and The Main Man. Because we got married, and the date was the 5th anniversary of our very first date. It was as wonderful as a day could get.

The Main Man looked stunning, my two nieces  – Natalie and Nadine – were bridesmaids; led by Miranda, my bezzie mate of 35 years as my Chief Bridesmaid; Carl, the Main Man’s bezzie mate of some 30 odd years was his Best Man; our brothers were ushers and our Mothers looked knock-out with full-on hats with feathers and everything! Cilla Black’s chest would have been puffed up with pride 😉


Mrs Main Man & The Main Man!!

Beer was on the agenda, but it was touch and go for a while. The Main Man was up at 330am the day before the wedding bottling and labelling the home brew, which we wanted to leave on the table as favours for people to take home. It was a Fuller’s ESB ‘clone’, at around 5.5% ABV, a dark copper, fruity, malty, sweet and luscious beer. The added bonus was the hotel accidentally opened all the bottles so everyone got a taste with the Wedding Breakfast! The beer gun served us well as it achieved the desired carbonation effect of a tingle on the tongue when you tasted it. The verdict from our guests all round was that it tasted ‘incredible’.


Our Wedding Ale!


Our ceremony was religious: held in the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral and Basilica of St. Chad in Birmingham with the bells ringing, the organist playing and the choir leading the hymns. I clung on to my brother for dear life as we walked up the aisle, with tears rolling down my cheeks and me trying to take calming deep breaths throughout while trying to rev down my nervous gallop up the aisle.

At the reception and evening party –  in addition to serving up our own Wedding Ale –  we threw in a few other touches which shocked and surprised our guests: our fab friend, up-and-coming comedienne Annette Fagon did a superb stand-up routine; and just before our magnificent punk-inspired band Billy Whizz did their half-hour set, The Main Man grabbed his Rickenbacker and belted out a few of his own songs! I even joined in on backing vocals at one point….


The Main Man on the mic!


I was struggling for words....


Billy Whizz doing their thang!

My dress was by Phil Collins Bridal, our cake was made by Kate & Will’s wedding cake maker, Fiona Cairns and the utterly amazing bouquet, buttonholes and corsages were made by my terrific friend, Debra Mitchell. The Main Man being an ace TV Cameraman/Director/Producer, and what with me being a Journalist and TV Presenter we couldn’t NOT have an element of TV to it all, so we got in a Dream Screen so we could get our guests to be stupid in front of the camera instead!

Our first dance was Frank Sinatra’s I’ve Got You Under My Skin but curiously the track somehow morphed into Lethal Bizzle’s Pow, which prompted the crowd to scream and shout as The Main Man and I showcased our very best freestyle funky chicken-like moves. (And doing that in a wedding dress wasn’t easy, I can tell you!). Our superb photographer, Clive Blair, was bent double with laughter half the time, I’m not sure how he managed to get any work done with us lot and I don’t think he’s witnessed nuptials quite like it!

So here’s to married life, here’s to me being Mrs Main Man for forever and ever. AMEN!

7 Responses to Beer Beauty & The Main Man only went & got married!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations, how wonderful!

  2. Those bottle labels are great! Sounds like it was a good thing the bottles were opened even if by mistake, at least everyone got to try the beer on the day.
    Nice Ricky guitar too.

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Cheers! We had the best time. There are some vid clips on Main Man’s and Billy Whizz links to their Facebook pages so you can see what they produce: and just for fun!
      Label production was hard work but rewarding!! Xxx

  3. Coops says:

    Sounds like the perfect day. Toasting you all the way from London!

  4. Main Man says:

    Great write-up of a great day darling :)

    We were MAGNIFICENT!


  5. radioman01 says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

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