My next beer & food matching party


*************SHAMELESS PLUG**************

James and Thomas, the beautiful boys at Fownes Brewing in Dudley, asked me to host an event for them at the pub where they’re beers are always on, The Jolly Crispin . Trust me, you do not want to miss this.  I visited the pub and the brewery the other week and the rumours are true: THEIR BEERS ARE UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I mean stonkingly delicious beers which  – once you get a glass in your hand – you simply cannot put down.  I’m going to present them to you alongside some cheeky niblets of tasty food to complement. The pub is friendly, homely and welcoming too, so what more do you want??? Be there, or be crying into a glass of Lambrini at home on your own all night! I know what I’d rather be doing.


Banner3 Ladies-beer-night-jolly-cri





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