Beer on the telly – Annabel Smith!!


Super excited to get a link in my inbox of my pal, fellow beer sommelier and Cask Marque assessor, Annabel Smith, revealing that she made her inaugural appearance on This Morning yesterday on ITV. A stout masterclass with food. How cool is this. Click here to watch it fast before the ITV Player link disappears…


Click here to watch it fast before the ITV Player link disappears

And also Annabel wrote a terrific blog about the whole experience. Read it here. So thrilled for her to get beer onto a day time show, I did a slot last June and in May 2012, one a year! We need to up this quota and campaign for more beer on the telly, eh?

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  1. Nitch says:

    :-( Can’t watch due to international-ness of my computer. Boo. If there are any other links out there, I would love to watch this!!


  2. Patrick says:

    Makes a wonderful change from the usual ‘what wine goes with this’ scenario. Not that I’m knocking wine, love a glass with my dinner now and then but sometimes a fine glass of ale can be just as good with food or even better… just ask the Belgians!

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