Celebrity chicks love their beer!!!!!


I’ve been meaning to post this article FOREVER and this week well and truly kicked my butt into action…..cos YET ANOTHER female star added herself (albeit unknowingly!) to my CELEBRITY BEER BEAUTY ARMY!!!

Gwyneth Paltrow, the gorgeous Hollywood actress (and wife of Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin) admits she loves beer and apparently drank a pint of Guinness before she got up on stage and sand at the 44th Country Music Awards last week.

But Gwyneth has to get in line with a star-studded list of women who – in the last few months – have publicly acknowledged that they like the odd drop of beer. So much for those old images of beer being a drink for men :-)

Here’s more about Gwyneth and her love of beer, (now nick-name GUINESS PALTROW, of course!) courtesy of The Sun newspaper.

The Metro newspaper reported that Lady Gaga swapped her meat dress for a beer overcoat and popped into a pub in Chiswick in London, the other weekend. WHAT beer she drank exactly I don’t know but judging by the picture of her leaving the pub,  she seemed very happy after she’d drunk  it!

Helen Mirren recently played the game ‘beer pong’ on a Jimmy Fallon’s Late night American TV show.  I had to find out what the hell beer pong was cos I didn’t have a clue. Apparently it’s a game played more in the USA than here. Youhave to bounce ping-pong balls into the other person’s set of beer-filled cups on a pin-pong table. Every cup you land, then you’ve got to drink the beer inside! No word on the beer that was inside, but Helen did very well!! Read more.

And sadly the only video clip of Helen in all her beer ponging glory (that doesn’t sound right, does it?!?) is ONLY available on a site called HULU that’s only available in America and none of it has made it to You Tube. So if you find a clip I can share, just holler! Read more about her appearance on the show here.

And last but by no means least, Emma Thompson, the gorgeous Hollywood actress and star of a gazillion successful British movies and is also a Beer Beauty. She celebrated getting her star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME & the return of ‘Nanny McPhee’ by supping a pint (of what?) in the English-style ‘Pig n Whistle’ pub on Hollywood Boulevard. Check it out.

And for good measure here’s a vid of her and the lush Hugh Laurie (bezzie British mates and they even used to go out with each other) . He introduces her at the ceremony then there’s an interview with her at the end of the clip.

So if you’re a beer-drinking woman raise your glasses to these chicks and  – REMEMBER –  you’re in mighty fine company every time you enjoy your next glass of beer.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Hey gorgeous! Really enjoyed reading this post – I think it’s great that we’re starting to see more female celebrities being open about their love of beer and drinking it in public and in front of the cameras, obviously they must be following our lead!!

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