Discover the perfect Valentine’s Day Beer Gift


What would you call a bouquet of flowers, which wasn’t actually made of flowers, but which consisted of bottles of beer? A Bro-quet, of course!! What is Bro-quet, I hear you cry? Well it’s definitely not a business I have ANY financial associations with whatsoever. It’s just a cool idea that I like and wanted to tell you about. Check this out:



Doesn’t this beautiful packaged just make you want to salivate? Ready to gift to ‘The One You Love’?. The business was started last year by a fellow Brummie (woohoo!!), Lisa Molloy, who got in touch with me via my Beer Beauty Facebook page and sent me a sample of their BIG BRO (5 x 330ml bottles of beer) to take a closer look at and try. You’ll read on the website that the BIG BRO option does come with 2 bags of tasty, spicy Tyrell’s snacks too – but they aren’t in the picture – and it’s also one beer bottle down – because The Hubz and I scoffed couldn’t wait to dive in before taking the pic! #rude

Have you scanned the beers I had in my pack? Have you tried any of them yet? All from awesome brewers, at top of their game! Every single one was delicious, and, needless to say, they didn’t last long in our house!

You also don’t have to have the BIG BRO pictured above, you can have a LITTLE BRO or even just a BEER BAG – something to suit all budgets!

OOoooh I wish, wish, wish I’d had a sample to take with me on ITV’S THIS MORNING last June (I took a BEST OF BRITISH BEER crate as it was the only clever little pack on the market I could find at the time) And Bro-quet is another one of these superb gift packs that you can give to ANYONE who loves beer!!

For more information, head to the Bro-quet website for more details of the beers you can get and how to order. HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Not long left to Valentine’s Day!!

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