Do you care about pubs & beer? [VIDEOS]


There’s a new short film on the block, which is designed to get the Chancellor to rethink the beer duty escalator – the annual tax on beer. You simply have to watch the film to hear the clear messages within it which explain the massive contribution the beer and pub industry has to community life in this country.

I was hugely honoured to be asked by The British Beer And Pub Association to be part of the project, and to help it launch it yesterday in London. It’s impossible for me, as a journalist, to be passion about beer without being passionate about the cause. I don’t want to keep reading about the number of pub closures and breweries going out of business because of the tax burden. So it was a total no brainer when I got the call to present it.

George Osborne and his fellow Treasury officials will be watching this next week and we’re all hoping it will have the desired impact. To acknowledge how much the beer tax is damaging the industry, and to realise that – in stopping it – there’s more a chance of creating new jobs in the industry and of keeping the Great British Pub alive and well, with a healthy future.

Please share the link with as many friends as possible if you support the very essence of what this film is trying to say. Let’s support the industry as much as we can. 

I had a fabulous week visiting some amazing places with David from the BBPA and the film crew, Broadcast Media Services, meeting some terrific people.

PS Here’s a very quick behind-the-scenes video


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