Fownes Brewing Party Photos


So Thursday night’s party was amazing. I think there was just short of 40 women in the room. We sampled 6 Fownes Brewing beers along with 6 dishes which I’d devised to complement each beer. Judging by all the smiling faces in the room and the high noise levels, I reckon everyone had a blast. The men in the other bar next door all shot around the corner after 8pm to say how much they’d learn, just by eavesdropping! LOL! So check out some pictures. All in all, another triumph. Don’t forget if you want me to host a beer party for you, just look over to the right hand column of my website at the FOLLOW ME section, and click on the Email icon to make a direct email enquiry :-)

There’s already a review online by exciting new beer blogger, Pub Geek. She’s one to watch, for sure!












Me, James and Tom from Fownes Brewing

Me, James and Tom from Fownes Brewing

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