Fuller’s & Chimay – a match made in heritage? [VIDEO]

chimay doree first sip

There’s been some brewery canoodling going on. Again! I’ve just had a sip of a new love child: a beer that’s come about from a bit of a love-in between esteemed London brewery, Fuller’s, and Belgian trappist brewery, Chimay . It’s a story of two breweries  –  steeped in heritage and quality  – colliding to make something that works well for the tastebuds for both of their fans. And something that might well draw in new fans too! Chimay Doree (Doree meaning Golden) is 4.8%, with a distinct coriander nose. It’s smooth and sweet – a hint of honey I feel along with something of juicy seedless green grapes too! It’s totally drinkable and delicious. It was an extra-special treat to meet some of the directors from both Fuller’s and Chimay in the wonderfully spooky and pretty (if a venue can be the same thing at once!) Crypt of St Etheldreda’s in Holborn. Go get yourself some. And report back to me. List of Fuller’s pubs it’s where it’s on sale below.

Chimay Gold was brewed at Chimay’s home, the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey. Fuller’s will import the beer on draught exclusively into the UK. Fuller’s have been brewing beer on its site in Chiswick in West London since 1845. Cistercian Trappist monks of Chimay have been brewing beer in their monastery since 1862. Today it still holds the AUTHENTIC TRAPPIST STAMP. Heritage melding beautifully or what??

Links and more professional photos of the night coming soon

Where you can get this beer (mainly London, except for last pub – in Birmingham)

  1. Viaduct Tavern EC1A 7AA
  2. Melton Mowbray EC1N 2LE
  3. The Fence EC1M 6BP
  4. The Telegraph EC2R 7AR
  5. Pavilion End EC4M 9BR
  6. Shaws Booksellers EC4V 5DE
  7. The Flask N6 6BU
  8. The Parcel Yard Kings X station
  9. Fine Ale E14 4DH
  10. The Antelope SW1W 8EZ
  11. Jugged Hare SW1V 1DX
  12. The Bank S211 1NJ
  13. Hereford Arms SW7 4TE
  14. Jack Horner W1T 7QJ
  15. Stonemason Arms W6 0LA
  16. George IV W4 2DR
  17. White Horse TW10 6DF
  18. Barrel and Horn BR1 1PW
  19. Old Joint Stock (YYYYYYYYYYYYEEESSSSSSS!) 4 Temple Row West, Birmingham B2 5NY


Isn't this the most beautiful beer glass?!?

Isn’t this the most beautiful beer glass?!?


Fuller’s made a video from the night too


8 Responses to Fuller’s & Chimay – a match made in heritage? [VIDEO]

  1. J says:


    Butcombe do it too.

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Yes, only because Fuller’s supply them. Fuller’s are the sole UK importer of the beer. Butcombe distribute in the West Country on their behalf.

  2. Lancastrian Bluenose says:

    Dear BB

    Very impressed with your site.

    I’m from Birmingham(albeit I left there 10 years ago)and I’m going to go there for a pub crawl based on your recent blog.

    Keep up the good work.


    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Hey Lancastrian Bluenose, cheers for the feedback. Let me know which pubs you end up checking out snd what you think of them! Enjoy the trip down Memory Lane back to Brilliant Brum :-))))

  3. roger says:

    A welcome addition to the London beer scene. Strange as this beer used to only be available in 1 outlet – the cafe next to the monastery. I wonder what the rational is for Fullers having exclusive rights – after all the Fullers stable is not too bad as it is.

  4. Hi Beer Beaty,

    Fantastic blog. To be honest, I discovered your blog 2 weeks ago and I’ve only read a few articles, but really liked them. I personally love Chimay beers (especially Triple – Cinq Cents). We don’t yet offer this Doree beer, but I’m contacting certain suppliers in order to make this possible. Anyhow keep on loving those beers.

    Kind regards

    Belgian Beer Factory

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