Join me at the Birmingham Beer Bash this Saturday afternoon!!!!!!!!

BB with Holly & Phil June 2013

Excited doesn’t really even cover it. A group of cool Birmingham beer fans (namely Dan Brown and Dave Shipman + others) have bitten the bullet and organised the second city’s INAUGURAL craft beer festival. It’s Friday 26th & Saturday 27th July at The Bond Warehouse, 11am – 430pm & then 530pm – 11pm. You’d do well to make sure you bag yourself your tickets RIGHT NOW!!!! When I say ‘craft beer’ I mean beer which is loving produced in small batches by passionate brewers up and down the UK. The curators have done a sterling job and the beer list looks awesome. They had the wisdom to bring me in to host a beer-tasting session on Saturday afternoon (ROFL! Well I am the city’s first ever accredited Beer Sommelier and I’m an ultra-proud Brummie born and bred!) So at 1300 hrs on Saturday afternoon, I’m going to recommend my chosen favourites of the fest, which you can then toddle off and enjoy quaffing after I’ve given your ears a rest! As you can see from the picture – I’m deft at recommending beers to the likes of Holly and Phil on This Morning too, so you’ll be in very good hands :-)

birmingham beer bash

The organisers have listened and watched other craft beer festivals around the country and taken note of some obvious things that went wrong in one or two others, because they realise this event has to be special. This is set to be exciting, new and fresh. Street-food from some cool, local companies will be in abundance.

And there will NOT, repeat NOT be Morris Dancers like you usually see at beer festivals run by CAMRA (and I’m not knocking them cos they do have their place. At CAMRA festivals!) This event is NOT, repeat NOT organised by the CAMPAIGN FOR REAL ALE. CAMRA has a strict definition for real ale and this festival is not standing by that rule, which means the doors are open to all sorts of other beers and methods of dispensing the beer into the glass of all you happy drinkers who attend. Good beer is just good beer. No matter which way it comes. But at least I’ve warned you, if you’re a CAMRA member and wondering what’s happening at this fest.

Birmingham Beer Bash beers have been chosen according to the excellence of the beer produced by some stunningly awesome breweries. It just means a lot more choice. More dynamic and progressive breweries and brewers coming to show you their wares, AND help educate you on beer and all that is beautiful about it. BOOM! 

A tweet from the Birminghamcubed team recently just seemed it all up:




PS All tickets include admission to your chosen session, a glass, programme, and at least £2 in tokens. There are NO additional booking fees – the price you see is the price you pay!! WOOOHOOO!

SEE YOU THERE! DON’T FORGET – 1PM!!!!!!!!! (And if I don’t see you there, make sure you have an awesome time. Tweet me and @BirminghamCubed your pics and messages of you having a damn groovy time!)

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