Katy Perry loves Banks’s Mild beer!!!

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Another superstar beer-loving woman can be added to an ever-growing list. The other night whilst performing on the Birmingham leg of her Prismatic World tour, multi-award winning popstar, Katy Perry stopped to chat with the audience and take a sip from a pint glass branded with the beer from Wolverhampton brewery, Banks’s. And the fans and people in the Midlands got a bit excited to say the least. Hubby and I affectionately call it ‘Bonkses’ (!), but one thing’s for sure katy looked like she loved it. So much so she had it snapped for posterity on her Instagram account for the world to see. Turning on its head the thought that ale is not a drink that ladies can enjoy.

Apparently Katy told fans at the gig the other night: ‘This is what they told me you drink here,’ taking a long gulp before handing the pint glass to a thirsty fan. The PR team from Marston’s, which owns the Banks’s brewery, told me today that an extra delivery of Banks’s Mild was made to Katy in time for her second night performance in Birmingham. The guys and gals at the brewery were chuffed to bits that the California Girl has such great taste. I like to imagine she quaffed a few bottles after the gig, and shared the rest out with her entourage that night. What a lovely way to celebrate a successful stop in Britain’s second city, eh? And I’ll bet you a quid that she didn’t have a massive hangover in the morning:  Banks’s Mild being a mere, relaxing, gently thirst quenchingly tasty 3.5% ABV strength!

I’ve always said that Mild is a terrific beer to set people who are new to beer on their beer journey. Because a Mild is just that – the clue is in the name – it’s traditionally a beer that’s milder in flavour: lower in alcoholic strength and less bitter, a lot less ‘hoppy’. It’s a beer style that was mega-popular in the  heartlands of heavy industries of 19th Century England (the West Midlands in particular and the North) Thirsty labourers and factory workers would be rewarded by their employers with pints of ale after a hard morning or day’s work. It began to fall out of favour in the 1950s as those industries declined and more rigorous laws came to pass where it was against Health and Safety to drink alcohol during a working day.

I love Banks’s Mild and once had my husband drive me around Birmingham for somewhere I could get it on draught because I woke up one morning craving the taste of it!


Banks’s cask ale is brewed using only natural, local ingredients from the Midlands and I toured the brewery, which is a few miles away from my home, a while back – check out my write up. And why not book a tour for yourself??

Cheer Katy!!!!

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