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We were bathed in sunshine this time last weekend on an amazing trip to Copenhagen. I’d won a trip courtesy of Visit Denmark, along with 3 other travel bloggers. You’ll see from my last article that I scrambled straight to Mikkeller & Friends bar in Norrebro district. And then after dinner, we headed to Tivoli Gardens. A stunning theme park in the middle of the city. And boy what a night – after the sun went down the gardens came alive with the awesome sounds of free music. This time we were lucky enough to witness top Danish rock band, Kashmir on stage. That was it. I was even more in love with the country and the city.

Kashmir live in Tivoli Gardens - June 2013

A cross between Coldplay, Keane and The Killers, these guys were awesome. What struck me most was the throng of crowds and their respect for the music. Families and kids were enjoying themselves just as much as the stags, hens and birthday party groups. And as we filed out afterwards, there was no trouble, it was all so peaceful. Tivoli Gardens is well worth a visit.

But there was work to do. A scavenger hunt. I’ve uploaded some of my pics to the Facebook page so you can check them out there. I captured what I thought were some of the most intriguing and interesting sights and sounds of the gorgeous city.

Here’s also the second part of my interview with James from Mikkeller and Friends bar. BEWARE IF YOU’RE SENSITIVE AS THERE’S A SWEAR WORD ON SCREEN AND IN THE INTERVIEW, SO DO NOT WATCH IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED


On Saturday lunchtime we experienced smushi at the Royal Smushi Cafe in the city centre. Christian Samuelsson  from the tourist board looked after us, as did the incredible Lo Østergaard at the restaurant. I’ve got to say I’ve never tasted anything quite like it: open sandwiches on rye bread. I officially LOVE rye bread. I had spicy shrimp on one, roast beef in the middle one, wrapped around warm new potatoes and smoked salmon was in the last one. Accompanied by a soft drinks choice I was wowed by: still elderflower.

Royal Smushi cafe lunch! Nom nom nom!

A sneaky drink with Jerry at Mikkeller bar in town too! Baird Brewing Rising Sun Pale Ale and some Hardcore You too!

Enjoying a Mikkeller beer in Copenhagen


On Saturday night we headed out to Christiana. There’s a metro stop and then it’s a ten minute walk. Described by Lonely Planet as full of boho-chic, hippies and anarchists. You need to ask those in the know how to get there directly and experience it for yourself 😉 The zone was strictly NO PHOTOS ALLOWED, but we had some terrific street food and had a very tasty locally brewed Pilsner to wash it down with. Everyone was very chilled about the influx of tourists who wanted to check out ‘real life’ away from Stroget (the main shopping centre) and we all felt very safe out there at night.

One of the best ways to get around the city, especially if like me you’re not one for cycling is by canal boat. We did a tour on Sunday morning before we got our flight home. I shot some video along the way – we saw the Royal yacht, the Opera House, the Little Mermaid, a millisecond of the helterskelter St Saviour’s Church and the stunning Royal Danish Library building, the front of which is made from the most extraordinary black granite, mined in Zimbabwe. Plus you can see some of the amazing art in the lobby of my hotel, Hotel Fox (remember the tiled walls and the bull on the wall in my room??). There was also a groovy theatrical vintage market happening close to the Christiansborg Palace and the canal boat starting point: the. Take a look!


Yes Copenhagen is more costly than the UK, your choice as to how much you want to spend and what on. I’m always a big gungho on hols and blow my budget! Exchange rate – 50DK = around £6.00 GBP

Here are a few links and tips for if you’re planning your own trip:

1) Check out Go Visit Denmark in the first instance

2) We flew on an Easyjet flight – from London Gatwick to Copenhagen

3) When you arrive, take the Metro into the big city, it’s ultra-cheap, really easy to navigate and quick

4) To get around you can hire a bike, just walk or head out on a canal boat, like I did

5) Beer prices at Mikkeller bar – start from 35 DK for 200ml, to 60DK for 400ml serving

6) Buy a Copenhagen card when you arrive – gets you into a whole heap of places free (like Tivoli Gardens) as well as great discounts – we had one

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