My visit to Ales By Mail [VIDEO]


Yes, you can buy all manner of beer at the supermarket – some of it tasty, some of it not so. So if you’re looking for something different, unusual and unique  – the type of stuff I usually write about – then you need to get it from someone who KNOWS about beer.  There are many online sellers (*) of beer with fabulous websites so you can look at a myriad of different styles and strengths to suit your taste. Ales By Mail is one of those places. Luckily for me I know Paul, who owns and runs the firm with his wife and a cracking team of hardworkers. And recently I took him up on his offer of a snoop around warehouse operations.

Ales By Mail‘s unit is compact and bijoux right now, but Paul revealed his plans for expansion: he wants to develop the floor above the warehouse and possibly even open a Craft Beer bar at the front of the unit, offering the lucky people of Billericay a chance to personally taste and buy great tasting beer. I got the iPad out and took a few shots. Take a look.


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