My ‘Winter Warmers’


Just thought I’d drop a few pics of a small selection of some of the beers The Hubz and I will be enjoying this Christmas. Believe you me, there are many more bottles and cases of beer wedged under our dining table bursting to get out.

These are the kind of beers that – if they were a person – you’d ask them to tuck you in at night. They give you that warm, loving, fuzzy and Christmassy feeling. Some of them are quite strong, so designed to be sipped gently or shared with a beer-loving friend. Imagine a satisfying beery bear hug, if you will.

These choices are all thanks to YOU, my lovely readers and friends. You answered some of my tweets a few weeks back, I made a list and went on the hunt for them when I visited my beer dealer the other week (More about him in another post coming up soon). Not all of them you suggested are here. If they were, then I’d be flat broke!!

Terrific beers for sharing: DeuS (11.5% ABV), Sinclair's Dark Reserve (10% ABV) and St. Austell's Grand Cru (11.5% ABV)

We had DeuS with our Roast Beef dinner last Sunday and every sensational sip of fab Belgian beer really complimented the food on our plate. The beautiful thing about this champagne of a beer is that it looks so sexy in a champagne glass you simply can’t put it down. And every time I put my nose in the glass I got a gorgeous gentle smell of pears :-) This beer will shatter any negative image of beer you ever held in your head. It’s a top quality, dangerously sexy beer.

I’ve yet to tuck into the Dark Island Reserve (made in the Orkney Islands) but it is the World’s Best Strong Dark, Dark Ale (GOLD at the WORLD BEER AWARDS 2011) so I just know I’m going to dig it. The beer was matured for 3 months in Orkney malt whisky casks so you can imagine the delicious flavours you’ll get from this one. Holy smoke 😉

St Austell’s Smuggler’s Grand Cru went down well with my fab chum, Ella,, we cracked open the bottle I gave her for her recent big birthday. She was bowled over by the raisin-like fruity smell, the smoothness of the beer and the sherry-like kick. Well, it does weigh in at 11.5%!

Specialist beer online beer stores are also a terrific way of getting hold of these beers, and don’t forget the big supermarkets: Aldi, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are good fellows in this regard.

Wychwood's Bah Humbug (5% ABV), Badger Ale's Poacher's Choice (5.7% ABV), Williams Bros' Froach Heather Ale (5%ABV) & Bateman's Rosey Nosey (4.7% ABV)


I’d recommend Fraoch Heather Ale any time, any place anywhere. It’s made with Heather and not hops so a lot less bitter in taste. But then it’s not overly sweet to compensate but deliciously versatile. I’ve had this beer with some fab Jamaican home-cooking (Ackee & Saltfish, made with crushed chillies) and they complimented each other gorgeously. Worth a try. (Though you’ll have to ask me nicely to come and make you a plate of A&S!)


Gouden Carolous' Christmas, Mikkeller's Happy Lovin' Christmas, Traquair Jacobite Ale


The cool thing is about these winter warmers – they aren’t all ONLY available at this time of year so keep a look out. If there’s something you’ve heard of, and want to try but you can’t find it, then drop me a line and I’ll do my utmost to track it down for you.

And, of course, there are loads of superb Christmas beers on draught in the pub out there for you to enjoy, you’ve only got to drop into your local boozer or ask a knowledgeable friend.

And don’t forget to tweet me or Facebook me about the beers you’ve enjoyed in Christmasses past and the ones you’re intending to snuggle down with this Christmas, cos I’m dying to wanna know!!

So for now, here are some pics and a list of all my Twitter chums who made some positively mouthwatering suggestions. A HUGE CHRISTMAS THANKS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Hope to meet some of you face-to-face one day soon. Toodlepip 😉



Blond Test Monkey

Mitchel Adams















3 Responses to My ‘Winter Warmers’

  1. Good choices – when can we open them..? When can we open them..?

    Main Man 😉

    PS – More Ackee & Saltfish too please.

  2. Phil says:

    Some great beers there & some I’ll be searching for definitely, for some of my Christmas 2011 hoard check my Session post tomorrow. Cheers see you at BGBW

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m pleased to see Gouden Carolus Christmas beer suggested – it’s promoted heavily in my neck of the woods this time of year (North Central Florida). I’m a little embarrassed to admit that its appearance in common grocery stores made me question it (as if groceries can’t carry good beer every once in a while! Sometimes I have to smack my inner beer snob…).

    Thank goodness craft beer is getting more mainstream attention, because a few years ago, I wouldn’t have had a naughty kid’s chance at Christmas of getting any of these beers. But with three new(ish) retailers selling craft beer, and two or three bars in town trying to establish themselves as mainly craft beer emporiums (as opposed to “swill in a plastic cup for a nickel” dives that most bars in a college town are) – my chances for deliciousness are looking bright!

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