New BBC2 series puts British ale & breweries in the spotlight!


Matching beer and food is a really exciting challenge, there’s no right or wrong answer but I’ve really enjoyed having a go lately. Not to give the whole game away, but last night at The Rocket in Canary Wharf I had to try persuade the totally amazing Michelin-rated, celebrity chef, Angela Hartnett, on it all. Not only that but it was all in front of TV cameras for a BBC2 programme. Before I sat her down in front of our mini-feast she told me she wasn’t convinced. But by the time I’d finished with her, she was. And she was thrilled!! RESULT!

Then after my one-to-one tasting of 3 dishes with 3 separate beers (plus a surprise from Angela into the bargain, which totally WOWED ME!) We invited 30 ladies into the bar downstairs, plied them with beer and nibbles and doled out tips on how they could all start their own beer and food matching adventures.

Can’t reveal exactly what we ate but I can confirm there were laughs, smiles and nods of approval galore! I’ll sneak you just one pic of a table covered with beer so the eagle-eyed among you can see some (not all) of what we drank…and to tease you, I’ll tell you that Fuller’s, Adnams, Banks’s, Kernel, Shepheard Neame and Thornbridge all joined our fabulous shindig 😉

Cheers to Sam, Tom and the abfab production team for asking me to be part of it all. Cheers to the brilliant and patient staff at The Rocket – I don’t think they’d ever seen so much beer in their lives!!! Cheers to the wonderful Angela Hartnett and all the gorgeous girls who came along and really enjoyed the night: Gaby, Alena, Ann, Diane, Toyin, Wendy and sooooooo many more! Thrilled to have recruited some more Beer Beauties! Yay!!

The show GREAT BRITISH FOOD REVIVAL hits BBC2 this Autumn in a primetime slot :-) Fingers crossed I don’t end up on the cutting room floor :0










7 Responses to New BBC2 series puts British ale & breweries in the spotlight!

  1. Kristy says:

    More top stuff honey!

    Can’t wait to see it xx

  2. Jennifer says:

    Jealous for so many reasons:
    1. I don’t get BBCC2.
    2. I wasn’t one of the ladies involved!

    Looks awesome – here’s hoping your part stays in. :)

  3. MainMan says:

    Great stuff! Well done BB :)

  4. Steve says:

    Great wook as always Marv. Let us know when its on!

    PS my last comment has gone in spam trap i think (its happening whenever i link my blog in website field)

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Cheers, hun! Fab to hear from you: I just enjoy doing my little bit to highlight a drink I adore :-)))

  5. Enjoyed the report.And the set of pictures were nice too.
    I do have to say beers with food is an interesting subject and the programme will no doubt enhance the growing reputation and demand for real ales.
    One match that sprung to mind was pork sausage,creamy mash and rich gravy with a fine porter.
    I had the meal with a superb pint of Acorn Old Moor Porter at a recent visit to Bar Tat in Ilkley West Yorkshire :-)It was a perfect marriage!

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Sounds like one made in heaven: more robust, malt-packed beers can stand up to the richness of sausage and gravy. Corrrrrr!! Got me feeling hungry now :-)

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