New USA-UK beer unleashed: Dogfish Head brewery + Wells & Young’s [VIDEO]


When the pub you choose to launch a new beer is packed to the rafters with an inordinate number of highly-respected beer writers, then you better have something good up your sleeve because expectations will be high. And tonight Charles Wells brewery (Bedford) was most definitely wearing its game face. They even brought out Sam Calagione (Founder & President of revered East Coast US brewery, Dogfish Head, Delaware) as their ace quarterback, so I knew things were set to get serious. A relationship that blossomed between Wells & Young’s International Brewmaster, Jim Robertson, and Sam, when they kept bumping into each other in the US over the years, gave birth to aptly named ‘DNA New World IPA’.

It’s a 4.5% ABV beer, with a mutual respect of private, family-owned breweries at the heart of this interesting collaborative brew. DNA New World IPA is a quietly drinkable beer which definitely won’t scare the home crowd drinkers, and one which could well invite inquisitive new fans into the stadium with ease. A ‘spring has sprung’, ‘skip in your step’ citrus bouquet, coupled with a cheeky little nip on the nose of bitterness, this sessionable beer, dry-hopped with US Simcoe, has had a unique conception (watch my chat with Sam for the full SP) Available on cask at only a limited number of W&Y pubs for now. Will be kegged and available in bottle later in the year.

Always interesting to see more traditional brewers dipping their toes into craft beers waters. Be good to hear what drinkers think in the coming months!




cheers to Binky Nixon too, for the fabulous photo she took of me getting me lips around a pint of the new beer

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