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Beer & Restoration: Save The Ivy House! #LoveBeer [VIDEO]

Picture your average pub champion. You know, the man most likely to corral his beer-drinking fraternity to fight to save his local if it was under threat from a predatory property developer. Well scrap that picture, and let me show you a new one. There’s a new breed of pub crusader in town. Young mum, Tessa Blunden is heading up a fight to establish London’s first ever community, co-operative pub. In a battle reminiscent more of ‘Damsel versus Goliath’ than David, Tessa called on local people to ‘Save The Ivy House’. And luckily for me, Tessa gave me an exclusive interview…..!

Top Tips For Planning A Beer Tasting

Check it out. I wrote a feature for the Publican’s Morning Advertiser. It’s packed full of tips for licensees who want to organise a beer tasting. In the article I explain the things I personally take into consideration when planning my events. By no means exhaustive, but a few pointers for the adventurous landladies and landlords out there who might want to have a go at getting customers all fired up about beer! Woohooooo!!!

New USA-UK beer unleashed: Dogfish Head brewery + Wells & Young’s [VIDEO]

When the pub you choose to launch a new beer is packed to the rafters with an inordinate number of highly-respected beer writers, then you better have something good up your sleeve because expectations will be high. And tonight Charles Wells brewery (Bedford) was most definitely wearing its game face. They even brought out Sam Calagione (Founder & President of revered East Coast US brewery, Dogfish Head, Delaware) as their ace quarterback, so I knew things were set to get serious. A relationship that blossomed between Wells & Young’s International Brewmaster, Jim Robertson, and Sam, when they kept bumping into each other in the US over the years, gave birth to aptly named ‘DNA New World IPA’.

SIBA – BeerX – Sheffield 2013 #LoveBeer [VIDEO]

Beer industry conferences are wondrous events. No, seriously, they are. I can say that now because I went to the biggest one in Britain the other week:  the Society of Independent Brewers (which represents a truckload of British microbreweries) held Beer X in Sheffield. I shuffled myself along to the ‘Industry Day’. And boy, was I verbally assaulted by various fabulous members of the industry that day: Nigel Sadler kept promising to take me down to the cellar…to show me the mammoth beer festival operation that was taking place over the four days, of course. Sara Carter, Brewster at Triple FFF brewery revealed the secrets of her newest beer. Global mega-star,  Brooklyn Brewery Master Brewer, Garrett Oliver held me and 200 others captive, and plied us with free (dammit, yes, I said FREE!) Sorachi Ace. And celebrity chef, Simon Rimmer (he of Sunday Brunch  on Channel 4 every Sunday morning) regaled us with a tale of how he’s just launched his own range of beers designed to complement certain foods. (Check out my video which captured the moment both Garrett and Simon vied for the top spot in the Brightest, Shiniest Teeth comp – proceed with caution)

It’s my latest instalment of #LoveBeer! WOO!!

George and The Spitfire!

Like it or not, he appeared. As if by magic. Like the shop-keeper.  I was minding my own business, chewing the fat with my beer pal, Kimberley , in a tight corner of a compact & bijoux downstairs room of The Westminster Arms near Parliament the other night. We’d not long arrived. We were being regaled with tales of Westminster life, by two rather lively MPs at a drinks party held by the British Beer and Pub Association. We, and around 50 others, were there to rejoice in the news that the beer duty escalator had been scrapped and there’d been a penny reduction on a pint. Then The Architect of the mirth in which we were indulging appeared. Kimberley poked me in the ribs. I turned around and almost splurted out my mouthful of beer, as I did a double-take. Classy.com. The strident figure in the dark suit was holding a pint of Shepheard Neame’s Spitfire Ale. Camera flashes ignited the room. It was a moment in history: the first ever snaps of The Chancellor, George Osborne actually holding a pint of beer. 

My next beer & food matching party

*************SHAMELESS PLUG**************

James and Thomas, the beautiful boys at Fownes Brewing in Dudley, asked me to host an event for them at the pub where they’re beers are always on, The Jolly Crispin . Trust me, you do not want to miss this.  I visited the pub and the brewery the other week and the rumours are true: THEIR BEERS ARE UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I mean stonkingly delicious beers which  – once you get a glass in your hand – you simply cannot put down.  I’m going to present them to you alongside some cheeky niblets of tasty food to complement. The pub is friendly, homely and welcoming too, so what more do you want??? Be there, or be crying into a glass of Lambrini at home on your own all night! I know what I’d rather be doing.

Why I’m going to buy George Osborne a beer

‘Thanks, George! You’re a star!’ I secretly hoped I could say those words one day, and I’d rarely dared to dream. But now, I can let my feelings flow. Because I’m a woman who drinks beer, and The Chancellor has pleased me much! For most mainstream media, and non-beer drinkers, women like me are a bit odd. Female beer drinkers are pretty much dumped into the same category as that elderly lady you see on the news. You know the one? The one her concerned neighbour’s anonymously called the RSPCA about. The pensioner peeps her head forlornly around the small gap in her front door. Squinting at the animal officer in his smart peaked cap, she croaks ‘Good Morning’, as he spies what looks like dried soup on her cardigan collar. Mushroom or French Onion? Smack. A waft of ammonia darts out from inside the house and shoots up his nose, and as the lady steps back to let him inside the door reveals a hallway crammed chock full. Full of purring, playful cats of all shapes, sizes and colours wandering around her itty-bitty house, all dying to get out and greet their new beau. Who’s hopefully brought dinner.

My visit to Ales By Mail [VIDEO]

Yes, you can buy all manner of beer at the supermarket – some of it tasty, some of it not so. So if you’re looking for something different, unusual and unique  – the type of stuff I usually write about – then you need to get it from someone who KNOWS about beer.  There are many online sellers (*) of beer with fabulous websites so you can look at a myriad of different styles and strengths to suit your taste. Ales By Mail is one of those places. Luckily for me I know Paul, who owns and runs the firm with his wife and a cracking team of hardworkers. And recently I took him up on his offer of a snoop around warehouse operations.

Beer in Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph)

The wine columnist at Stella Magazine asked me to take her out for a beer and explain why I think beer is so beautiful. And, of course, I obliged. The very wonderful Susy Atkins and I had a blast when I took her to the amazing White Horse pub in Parsons Green one evening and we sampled 5 or 6 beers. She asked me to make a few suggestions of off-the-shelf beers  for people to get started if they were brew-bies (beer newbies), as I call it.

Brooklyn Brewery & East London Street Food

You hear me banging on about it all the time. Beer and food. Beer and food. Beer and food. And even though you might have seen me on the telly convincing celebrity chefs and TV presenters alike about it, you might not still believe it.

Well if you’re in East London next Tuesday night (12 March) and you’ve got an hour to kill, you should go and try this fab sounding event out. where you can try the whole thing out for yourself. Bearing in mind it’s in a car park 😉 So why should you go??