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You know beer is healthy, right?!? [VIDEO]

I bang on about it all the time. I get guests at my beer tasting parties to line up drinks in order of calorific value and alcoholic units and time and time again, people get it wrong thinking beer is THE MOST fattening and the most alcoholic.

In fact, 74% of women OVERESTIMATE the calories in beer. There’s been plenty of research around shouting from the rooftops about how healthy beer is, and now a new piece of research from my chums at the British Beer And Pub Association is broadcasting this fabulous news once more, with words of wisdom from Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan. Beer doesn’t have any fat or cholesterol in it and, has quite a few positive health benefits if you drink it in moderation. It’s high in soluble fibre, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and anti-oxidants too! Check some of the stats and watch this 5-minute video….

New to Beer? Try My Top Ten Beers!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for eons and finally I’ve made it!. I’m always asked Which beers should I drink, I’m not sure because I’m new to drinking beer?‘ or I went off beer and I haven’t had one in ages, can you recommend something for me?’

So this post kills two birds with one stone – answers those questions with ten easily available recommendations and launches my NEW LOOK BLOG! I hope you like it :-)

You can (re)start your beer adventure right now by picking something up the next time you head down to the supermarket or your local offy. Once you start, you can’t stop. Take it from someone who knows! There are of course specialist beer shops all around the country, and online, which sell all manner of incredible beer. I’ll be posting more about some of them very soon, so for now call this YOUR STARTER FOR TEN.

VIP Beer & Food event #LoveBeer [VIDEO]

I do enjoy refreshing takes on beery things. And – one snowy night a few weeks back – I was a guest at something which fit exactly that bill. I was invited to be guest at a beer tasting in a unique location, and which was led by a VIP beer that you wouldn’t just bump on your everyday travels. When I tweeted a pic from the scene, @JimTheBrewer replied, ‘Why are you eating off school dinner trays?!?’ Because we were in a school hall, Silly! No, seriously. We were! The PTA of Greenfields Primary School in Shrewsbury decided it would be a novel idea of raising funds and getting parents switched onto beer and food. And to top it off the whole night was hosted by no less than Master Beer Sommelier, Marc Stroobandt. He was fresh from his appearance on Episode Four of Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club where they took British beers to his homeland for a tasting competition. Hot damn!

Do you care about pubs & beer? [VIDEOS]

There’s a new short film on the block, which is designed to get the Chancellor to rethink the beer duty escalator – the annual tax on beer. You simply have to watch the film to hear the clear messages within it which explain the massive contribution the beer and pub industry has to community life in this country.

I was hugely honoured to be asked by The British Beer And Pub Association to be part of the project, and to help it launch it yesterday in London. It’s impossible for me, as a journalist, to be passion about beer without being passionate about the cause. I don’t want to keep reading about the number of pub closures and breweries going out of business because of the tax burden. So it was a total no brainer when I got the call to present it.

George Osborne and his fellow Treasury officials will be watching this next week and we’re all hoping it will have the desired impact. To acknowledge how much the beer tax is damaging the industry, and to realise that – in stopping it – there’s more a chance of creating new jobs in the industry and of keeping the Great British Pub alive and well, with a healthy future.

Please share the link with as many friends as possible if you support the very essence of what this film is trying to say. Let’s support the industry as much as we can. 

Hops, Glorious Hops! #LoveBeer [VIDEO]

This year I thought I’d bring you some new insights into the beer world. My first venture to that end is my #LoveBeer strand: a series of short interviews (video or audio) with people who love beer just as much as I do :-)

They might be brewery workers, pub licensees, pub campaigners, drinkers, or anyone else associated with beer who’s got something interesting to say. You name it, I’ll cram as many of them into my website this year as I can. All to show you just how brilliant the beer world is, in the hope you’ll go out and drink something new! I’ve got a whole host of people lined up for you already, so keep up to speed with everything by subscribing to my website, or joining me on Facebook and Twitter!

I’m ultra-honoured to unveil my first interview: a chat with Ali Capper from The British Hop Association who, with her husband, owns a hops  farm in the Midlands. Keep reading (and watching) to hear her explaining her exciting plans to fly the flag for British hops and much, much more!!

Are you detoxing this January??

Talk about being bombarded. The media hasn’t stopped trying to fill our brains with helpful/unhelpful (delete where applicable) suggestions on what to do and what not to do this January on the assumption we’ve all hideoulsy overindulged over the festive season. I haven’t this year, on account of being poorly. And I still haven’t got my appetite for food (or beer) back fully. So for me Christmas was a subdued one. But come closer and I’ll tell you what I will be doing more of this month, because you might want to do it too!!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

I could write a long blog post full of drivel about how this happened, and that happened and the other happened in 2012 for beer but I won’t because I reckon you’ll be figuring out what your first beer of New Year’s Eve is going to be. As am I. (As soon as I get back from watching the Panto in town with my Mummy Beer Beauty). But seriously 2012 has been a good year for beer on the whole. Here’s why I think it has been:

Beer & Beauty personified??

I was lucky enough to be invited to  meet top London hairdresser, Errol Douglas at his salon a few weeks back. Everyone dreams of being able to be coiffed and pampered to within an inch of their lives in a posh establishment – a stone’s throw away from Harvey Nicks & Harrods –  in Belgravia and I was no exception. Thankfully Lynda, a lovely friend of mine,works on PR projects for the salon. So it was cupcakes, canapes, champagne and also a lovely extra-special surprise. Of course, I told him next time I’ll suggest some beer to serve at future events.

So why am I enthusing about hair??? Well, it’s the annual beer writers shindig in London this week (remember I won an award last December?). And my extra-special surprise was that Errol offered to give me the celebrity treatment, so I could dazzle in style while drinking beer on Thursday night. How cool is that???? Beer and beauty personified! As long as, after I’ve had my hair done, a big gust of wind doesn’t send me tumbling down the road into a hedge, as soon as a I step foot outside! Would be just my flamin’ luck. So pray for good weather on Thursday, won’t you 😉 ?

Time to meet a Beer Sommelier!

So yesterday I took a really tough exam in London and I passed. I’m now a Beer Sommelier. You’ve heard of Wine Sommeliers who know an awful lot about wine? So I’m the equivalent when it comes to talking your head off about beer.

I’m chuffed to bits again, especially after sitting in front of Dr George Philliskirk, the Director of The Beer Academy (who has a PHD in Yeast Research from Birmingham University) for an hour and a half proving my beer knowledge and beery tastebuds. It was scary and he pulled no punches. It wasn’t easy to even get to the exam: I had to attend a couple of courses and apply to actually take the exam, proving my out-and-out passion for beer.

Thanks for making me Precious Awards 2012 ‘Blogger of the Year!’

I just wanted to say a massive thank-you to everyone who voted for me for the Precious Awards’ BLOGGER OF THE YEAR, because I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was bowled over and blubbed a little bit. I was in a room full of delightul and extraordinarily talented women where prizes were given away for their endeavours in business and politics. I’m just grateful for the chance to spread the word far and wide about the beauty in beer! I got mobbed with questions about beer and ‘When are you going to do an event in London’ – so it’s on the cards, though I’ve not set a date yet.