Pilsner Urquell Brewery celebrates 170th birthday


You should know Pilsner Urquell and I have history! So it was a thrill to see the team again after 7 months. And what better way than when they hosted a party to close the European Beer Bloggers conference in Leeds and celebrate the 170th since Josef Groll brewed the first batch of PU back in 1842. Brewed on October 5th, tapped on 11th November.

So the Brand Team treated us all to dinner and the most wonderful unpasteurised, unfiltered PU flown in that day from their brewery in Pilsen, and our host was the head brewer himself Vaclav! Mouth-watering pics alert: onion soup, salmon, and beef goulash are on their way!






We were genuinely spoilt and the beer went down well. Some people even had a go at trying the Perfect Pour with Robert Eckses (finalist in last year’s International Master Bartender in Prague which I flew out to host last October )

…and we were put through our paces in a quiz with Vaclav a bit like the way the finalists get schooled at the brewery in Pilsen too.


I couldn’t quite stay the distance for the night of drinking and partying in local bars afterwards because I wasn’t feeling great. But it was terrific to taste the unfiltered, unpasteurised beer again.

And another cask is making a special appearance at this weekend’s Taste of London. If you get the chance to go, go grab yourself some lovely Pilsner Urquell beer!

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