SIBA – BeerX – Sheffield 2013 #LoveBeer [VIDEO]


Beer industry conferences are wondrous events. No, seriously, they are. I can say that now because I went to the biggest one in Britain the other week:  the Society of Independent Brewers (which represents a truckload of British microbreweries) held Beer X in Sheffield. I shuffled myself along to the ‘Industry Day’. And boy, was I verbally assaulted by various fabulous members of the industry that day: Nigel Sadler kept promising to take me down to the cellar…to show me the mammoth beer festival operation that was taking place over the four days, of course. Sara Carter, Brewster at Triple FFF brewery revealed the secrets of her newest beer. Global mega-star,  Brooklyn Brewery Master Brewer, Garrett Oliver held me and 200 others captive, and plied us with free (dammit, yes, I said FREE!) Sorachi Ace. And celebrity chef, Simon Rimmer (he of Sunday Brunch  on Channel 4 every Sunday morning) regaled us with a tale of how he’s just launched his own range of beers designed to complement certain foods. (Check out my video which captured the moment both Garrett and Simon vied for the top spot in the Brightest, Shiniest Teeth comp – proceed with caution)

It’s my latest instalment of #LoveBeer! WOO!!


I caught up with gazillions of other beer pals too: Pete Brown, Alex from Thornbridge, Richard from Blue Bee Brewery, Paul Corbett from hop suppliers, Charles Faram, Justin from Moor Beer, my fellow beer sommelier pal, Sophie Atherton and much more.

An awards ceremony was held, to recognise the finest on the business front, in terms of branding and design. All in all a splendid job bringing together various SIBA events into one perfectly formed colossal gathering. Makes sense and is the way forward. I’ll go again next year.  It really showed the mite of a terrific British manufacturing industry and I’m proud to be associated with the industry in my own little way.

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