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Beers I have loved (and not!) lately

So last month I celebrated a year of writing this blog of mine. And this week Thursday I celebrate a very scary birthday of mine. I’m not celebrating as such, more hiding under the duvet in shock. But on the flipside it gives me licence to give you a run down of some more beer porn, in particular the beers I’ve been loving lately. And the ones that I didn’t in all honesty like that much. So come on, let’s get cracking!

Beer & Beauty personified?!?

I love this. I got sent a press release this morning, and The Main Man had to hide my handbag and my contact lenses so I couldn’t run out of the house and jump on a train to London to try them all for myself! The hip and happening Brown’s Hotel in London is now offering beer and barley beauty treatments for MEN AND WOMEN, which use British grown Marris Otter barley and hops. There’s also a little help from St. Austell Brewery & Hook Norton Brewery,: you can relax with one of their beers while you’re chilling out after your pampering sesh.

Cheers, GBBF!

What can I say? The GBBF – The Great British Beer Festival – otherwise know as Christmas in the beer world – was the week long festival of beer held at Earl’s Court in London last week.  Of course, I was there with The Main Man. And of course, it was epic. We met tons of great people. And I also MISSED meeting tons of great people because I got waylaid so much on Tues afternoon that my glass was empty for much of the time :-(.  So I made that second visit on Friday afternoon, and even that was curtailed. I’m already planning 2 afternoons there for next year so I DO get through my beer list.

Super Staffs Beer Fest 2011

The last beer festival of BB’s birthday month was the epic 4th annual Heart of Staffordshire Beer Festival. And what a way to see out my birthday month!!!  CAMRA Festival Organiser, Dave Clark, invited me a few months ago totally out of the blue because I’d never met him or had anything to do with Staffs CAMRA before. At that stage I couldn’t commit to any dates but then –  when one of my old work mates, top BBC Midlands Today TV reporter, Laura May McMullan, said she fancied going there – I had the perfect excuse. After getting to our hotel in Stafford, I gave beer festival virgins, Laura and her friend, Jane (who’s now a my new friend) the low-down with my guide to beer festivals. We all tootled over to the Blessed William Howard School hall in Stafford town centre. When we arrived we were greeted by a huge throng of people and the prospect of over 70 beers (plus ciders, perries & wines)

Up close & personal with Pilsner Urquell

Almost two days after getting home, my stomach is STILL full. Full to bursting in fact. Because I’ve just got back from the most extraordinary weekend in London and Kent. The weekend involved copious helpings of delicious food, some terrific golf, amazing company and  – above all – unlimited amounts of the fabulous Pilsner Urquell beer with a fascinating and very exclusive insight into why it’s the official beer at The Open, and how the team behind the brand manage supplies for the event. 

Any weekend beer plans??

Sunshine and beer go hand-in-hand extraordinarily well in my book.  I’ve been trying to take advantage of this amazing hot, sunny weather in between a little bout of illness and working my socks off! I’m not one for knocking them back until I keel over: in this weather, that’d be just plain foolhardy! But sipping a cool half an ale (or two) in the sunshine while relaxing with friends is my idea of heaven. So it got me thinking… what beer plans have you’ve got for the myriad of Bank Holidays we’ve got lined up these next few weekends??

BB’s Brew Day

Some of you might already know that The Main Man and I have been tinkering around the fringes of home brewing for some time. Our inaugural brew wasn’t much to speak of. But last weekend we set up to crack on with our next brew on the hottest weekend of the year so far. After a few technical hitches (swiftly solved by The Main Man whose levels of uber-geekness know no bounds!) we were ready for the off!

I’m not going to yap on about how to make beer (I might do that another time) but essentially we love Fuller’s ESB and we set about perfecting our own version as per the recipe from this book. Then we woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to begin our crazy process. We ended the day collapsed in a heap at around 8pm with a nice 19ltr tub of beer in our fermenting cupboard. Check it out.