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Today’s #SaveYourPint Commons debate

I’ve just sat and live tweeted the headlines coming out of the live House of Commons debate over the beer duty escalator. After 104,000 of us who love beer signed an e-petition to get it to this point today, the case was put forward to a Minister from the Treasury as to why the beer duty escalator  – the annual increase in taxes on beer – should be abolished. All to save the price of a pint going up, to stop more pubs closing and stop more jobs being lost.

The price of a pint of beer in the pubs is going though the roof – £1 goes to the government (50p in duty and 50p in VAT). In the 2hr 47mins debate that started at 1130, around 20 MPs delivered speeches and there were numerous interventions from countless other MPs who care about the beer and pub industry.