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Fuller’s & Chimay – a match made in heritage? [VIDEO]

There’s been some brewery canoodling going on. Again! I’ve just had a sip of a new love child: a beer that’s come about from a bit of a love-in between esteemed London brewery, Fuller’s, and Belgian trappist brewery, Chimay . It’s a story of two breweries  –  steeped in heritage and quality  – colliding to make something that works well for the tastebuds for both of their fans. And something that might well draw in new fans too! Chimay Doree (Doree meaning Golden) is 4.8%, with a distinct coriander nose. It’s smooth and sweet – a hint of honey I feel along with something of juicy seedless green grapes too! It’s totally drinkable and delicious. It was an extra-special treat to meet some of the directors from both Fuller’s and Chimay in the wonderfully spooky and pretty (if a venue can be the same thing at once!) Crypt of St Etheldreda’s in Holborn. Go get yourself some. And report back to me. List of Fuller’s pubs it’s where it’s on sale below.

Beer-eautiful Brussels – Part 1

If you haven’t visited Brussels then I order you to get on the internet and sort yourself a city break right NOW. Why? Cos I’ve just come back from my very first adventure there and – not wanting to exaggerate – it was totally and utterly, stonkingly amazing! A fair bit of hugging and kissing went on and the weekend’s exploits were exciting not least because I was like an eager little puppy the whole time, because of the brilliant company I was with, because of the unexpected and scorching hot sunshine, but also because of the beer culture there. Belgium is serious about beer. No, I mean deathly serious. So if you want to investigate Belgian beers to their fullest, then Brussels is one of the coolest places to do it 😉