The Big Brewday!

Me getting the hops ready for the boil

So we’ve only gone and done it! It’s been eight months in the planning. My wonderful beer girlfriends, Shea Luke (aka Real Ale Girl Shea) and Jane Peyton (from School of Booze) enjoyed a wonderful day last year enjoying beer in my native West Midlands. And on that day, amidst sampling some incredible ales, we had a brainwave…a NO-BRAINER of a brainwave!! We love beer so much we decided to make our own concoction. For me that was an even more amazing prospect. You’ll remember that The Hubz and I are into homebrewing and we brewed our own Wedding Ale.

Beer Beauty, The Hubz's & the Wedding Ale

So – as an hommage to the wealth of amazing female brewsters in Britain and their recent collabs – Jane, Shea and I joined in yesterday. We didn’t quite join the ranks of the level of the amazing Project Venus UK & Eire ladies (who’re on the cusp of launching a FIFTH collaboration beer), let’s say we dipped our toes into the water

Sara Barton did us the honour of hosting us at her aptly named Brewster’s Brewery up in Grantham and no sooner we got there than we got stuck in. We’d already agreed a recipe – a chocolate, spicy beer – all will be revealed at the official launch. And we’re not sure that 3 female British beer bloggers have brewed a beer together. So let’s call it a first. And check us OUT!!!

Me getting the hops ready for the boil


Shea mashing in


Jane channelling her inner She-Ra!!

There are loads more pics here on my Facebook page (make sure you join the page too to keep up-to-date)

Contrary to popular myth, I don’t always swan around in a pink ballgown and blinged up to the hilt! In fact I was up for getting hands-on – as we ALL were from the get go. We did everything from weighing out malt and hops to cleaning out the mash tun and the hop boiler. There’s no getting around it. It’s UTTERLY EXHAUSTING WORK all that clearing up!!! We donned our wellies, old jeans and gloves to help Sara get the brewery ship-shape again. And thankfully we were rewarded with delicious Brewsters’s beer and a gorgeous sandwich lunch at the brewery.

We all had a blast and finished the day off with a pint or two down at one of Sara’s pubs: The Marquis of Granby. This being the original – as I’m sure you’ll have heard of a pub with that name near you. You can check out more about the pub here

I’ll upload some video highlights of the day soon on this post but for now, keep yourself up to by subscribing to my blog (put your email address in the box over on the RIGHT HAND column) and join the Facebook page cos we’ll be officially launching our chocolatey, 4.8% ABV beer somewhere in London in about 3 weeks time. There’s also the possibility of it being bottled on sale thereafter. And you’ll can get hold of some from all 3 of us and the brewery direct, of course!

A MASSIVE THANK-YOU TO Sara, Sean, little Evelyn (!) and Rich for letting us do this and being the first place we popped our brewing cherry :-0

I could get used to this brewing lark 😉

8 Responses to The Big Brewday!

  1. Jane Peyton says:

    Hello my fellow British-beer-blogging-brewer-tastic-friend

    I can vouch for your comments about the exhaustion of a brew day. Who needs the gym when there are malts and hops to be hauled around! I had the best night’s sleep ever afterwards – bet you did too. Enhanced by the fact that we had our heads stuck inside the copper to gather all the hops – and we know the knock-out quality hops have. Although until now my experience of the knock-out qualities of hops had been in the pint of beer!

    It’s an amazing feeling to think that our beer is currently fermenting away in Brewsters’ Fermenting Vessel Number One. Thank you Sara, Richard and Sean at Brewsters for making our brewing dream come true.



    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      I hope it’s the start of big things, with more brews to come from us! Fingers crossed it tastes as delish as we hope!!

  2. Shea Luke says:


    Wow, what a day! Your write-up (and hilarious facebook pics) share the fun and hard work wonderfully, but I don’t think any amount of fab writing, pics and video would actually be able to do justice to the amazing science mixed with magic that brewing our special beer took!

    Thanks for being such fun brewster partners, I now can’t wait to try it 😉

    See you at the launch!
    Shea x

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Amaaaaaaaazing fun and the day will go down in my memory as one of those most special. It was an honour to work with you, Ma’am!! xxxxx

  3. Ella says:

    Wow what a great day! Looks like a lot of fun, not to mention hard graft! But what a fabulous experience…can’t wait to hear – and maybe taste?! – the results!!

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      it was properly funny!! Date for London launch coming soon, plus bottles may well be available so, girlfriend you’ll deffo get hold of some!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh, I am seething with jealousy! (Of a loving sort, of course!) Not only are you brewing, you’re brewing with friends, AND it’s a chocolately-spicey brew? GREEN with envy. :) Sounds amazing – loving the photos on Facebook, too!

  5. Congratulations ladies! If you ever fancy another brew day give me a shout – I’m in the process of setting up Lincoln Green Brewing Company in Nottingham and will be up and running by April 2012. You’d be more than welcome to visit!

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