The most triumphant INAUGURAL Birmingham Beer Bash 2013! [VIDEO]


I started without help. Then I got the dictionary. Then I got my thesaurus. But there really truly aren’t enough positive adjectives and superlatives in the entire world to describe how fabulous the Birmingham Beer Bash was this weekend. So I thought I’d leave you to come up with your own and insert as many as you can into this space. What can I say? The team, led by David Shipman, Dan Brown and Stewart Sandilands had vision, and in my opinion they didn’t disappoint. They exceeded expectations!! Watch my video (coming soon!) and check out my Facebook pictures to see the awesomeness that ensued and see how many brewers t-shirts you can spot!!  All it leaves me to say is I was overwhelmed and ever so slightly emotional that the guys pulled it off. A bunch of Brummie beer fans who decided to link up after various chats and socials over damn fine beer, and put on a new breed of festival – beers dispensed all manner of ways – all just bloody brilliant beer!!! I’m sure it will be back next year even bigger and better and so if you missed out, then you better make sure you make room in your diary for next year’s Bash. PS My fab pal & beer writer, Phil, whom I hold in extremely high regard, also thought the event was super cool.

Brewers who came to our wonderful hometown, the second city of England included: Wild Beer Co, Northern Monk Brew Co, Liverpool Craft Beer, Five Points Brewing, Offbeat Brewery, Hardknott Brewery, Compass Brewery and many many many many more!!!!!! And not forgetting the fabulous sponsors who helped make the whole thing possible. Read the experience as explained by David Shipman here. I’ve also enclosed some photos and also some tweets.



The Brewdog Birm Beer Beauties!

The Brewdog Birm Beer Beauties!


Bash drinkers!

Bash drinkers!



Liverpool Craft Bar

Liverpool Craft Bar



Delicious Italian sausages!

Delicious Italian sausages!







I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the wonderful peeps who came out to my tasting session at 1pm – a full room, very hot but we had some fabulous beers. I can only apologise for being slightly off form because I spent the Friday night at the Bash as a punter with The Hubz, got a bit overexcited and overundulged on Durham Brewery’s 8.2% Benedictus barley wine and the stunning Hardknott Brewery’s cherry-tastic 10.2% Rhetoric2 (my fave beer of the festival in fact). Whoops! What can I say? I got lost in the moment. Nearly got lost on the way home too;-)

My Birmingham Beer Bash Class of 2013

My Birmingham Beer Bash Class of 2013



I brought some glamour to the occasion with my Louboutins (a present from my pal, Dawn Williamson who’s an acetastic expert Fashionista)



I also want to shout out to all the amazing beer peeps I met who came up and had a chat (sorry I had to rush off on Saturday as I was helping The Hubz shoot at 8am on Sunday morning)



8 Responses to The most triumphant INAUGURAL Birmingham Beer Bash 2013! [VIDEO]

  1. Phil says:

    Totally blown away by the event Marv, and totally marv to spend some time with you on Friday evening. (See what I did there 😉 ) Really happy for everyone involved and can’t wait for next year.

    Thank you so much for your kind words too, it means a lot as you are the absolute shnoodlepip!!


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  3. PolymathTim says:

    An excellent write up Marv; so many excellent beers that it all seems like a blur (it actually was a blur mostly; dashing between the UK keg bar to keep beer flowing in a timely fashion, and the international bar). The thing that has made me most happy about this weekend is the flow of genuinely positive feedback that we have received both during and after the event.

    Beers wise for me there were a few highlights (although to be fair I think I had everything – oh the pains of having to continually change lines) but in the interest of kee[ing things short I’ll give you my top three:

    – Wild Beer Co “Schnoodlepip” 6.5% – From the minute Andrew confirmed that they were sending this I was salivating. I mean where else would you get a collaboration of such complexity? Brett (Wild Beer), Kelly (Good George) & Mark (Burning Sky) made something to rival my all time favourite beer.

    – Howling Hops “Imperial Russian Stout (Saison)” 12.5% – Okay so it was the strongest offering from any of the keg bars (it ended up on the Liverpool Craft Beer bar because they had done such an excellent job, that they’d sold all of the other UK sours they had, so I let them come and play in the bCubed storeroom of dreams). That aside this was truly stunning a big thick, yet immensely smooth stout, but with a slight sour running through it provided by the ever hungry saison yeast strain Ed had laced the brew with.

    – Marble “Decadence” 8.7% – You could call it favouritism but this was truly stupendous, 17 months aged in cask and the 2012 Bramling Cross that it has sat on since it went into cask came shining through like they were the freshest if the fresh. Intense blackcurrent notes and a smoothness that defied definition.

    I have other favourites too but I’d spend all day describing them…

    • BEER BEAUTY says:

      Tim, so wonderful to read your thoughts on it all. You were in the thick of it all as part of the fabulous team and therefore you deserve the day off today! LOL! Great to read about your top beers of the bash. All lip-smackingly good too! Cheers for sharing and taking the time to comment:-)

  4. 19irishdragon says:

    Thank you for a wonderous write up the beer an the people and the response has been shnoodlepip it makes my lil beer geeky heart shine top 3 beer:
    1.Shnnoodlepip-it was sweet sour savoury an amazing
    2.Half mast qipa-low abv high flavour
    3.Axial tilt-light summery refreshing perfect in the heat

    Anyways chin chin an shnoodle pip to the b3 crew an all who volunteered an came an rocked the beery world with us

  5. Steve says:

    A writeup up there with the best in making me insanely jealous I couldn’t make it along this year. Must rectify for 2014…

  6. Thanks for the write up of what was just a mere dream just over a year ago!

    I could go on all day about what my experience was like over the two days of Birmingham Beer Bash but it’s safe to say what made the Bash so amazing were the people who attended, the brewers and the volunteers, they made it what it was.

    So proud of the team and what’s been achieved.

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