The ‘Venus Rouge’ Brew Day

Venus Rouge!

The brew day at Oldershaw Brewery in Grantham yesterday went incredibly well. We even had the company of a BBC2 film crew and the very charming TV historian and broadcaster, Michael Wood, with us for the day. If you don’t know what it’s all about, check this link out.

I arrived at Oldershaw Brewery around 10am, and – as I expected -the five professional brewsters all got stuck in with gusto to make this hotly-anticipated second collab between some of Britain’s finest female brewers. It went without a hitch. The wort was being transferred to the copper in readiness for the hop boil when I got there!


The company filming for BBC2 arrived to explore the history of the female brewster with us and learn more about our involvement with beer now. The new series builds on the success of Michael Wood’s previous programmes, and is due to be broadcast next Spring/Summer. We’ll wait and see if we make the cut :-)

But for now, here are some photos from yesterday. Video highlights on their way in the coming days!



Sue (Waen) & Sophie (Brentwood) clearing out the mash tun


Sara (Brewsters) supervising the process!


Not even the film crew could slow Michelle (Offbeat) & Sophie down!

Sue, Sara, Michelle & Kathy help Sophie prepare to blast that mash tun clean!


Sophie and some demon elbow grease!


Sophie is triumphant!


Before lunch, I went for a mooch. And look what I found....!



...and this brew fermenting away...!


...and I spotted these!

We washed our lunch down with some of this.... would have been rude not to try some of this either!

The effect we all had on TV historian, Michael Wood (definitely US and not the beer, cos he was working! Remember?!?)


Transferring the hopped wort to the fermenter



Hopped wort looking good!


Venus Rouge inspection by Kathy (Oldershaw)


Make sure you look out for Venus Rouge  in the next few weeks. Plus you can check out the background and all about everyone involved here and follow the Facebook page for full updates on its fermentation process and final release for all your thirsty beer lovers here .

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  1. Brilliant. I’m a proud dad (Sophie). Nice pics – can’t wait for the vid.

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