Welcome to Beer Beauty!

Welcome to Beer Beauty – the website that aims to spread the word about the beauty in beer. I reckon this is one of  the best websites in Britain aimed at women like me: women who LOVE beer!

It’s also for any woman who’s  ‘beer-curious’ – who wants to dip her toe in the beer pool, if you like. (And if you’re a bloke reading this, you’re welcome too :-))

Have you wondered sometimes what the fuss is about with beer? Why we talk about it so much? Why men drink endless pints of it and then tend to fall over? Why Britain LOVES beer so much?  Me too! And that’s why I created Beer Beauty, to try and answer some of those questions, be straight up with you on some facts and figures AND show you how fun beer can be. Plus it’s an excuse for me to yap endlessly about beer festivals I rock up to and exciting beer people I go and visit.

Beer Beauty aims to help you  satisfy your thirst for beer knowledge…by articles on my site and through my ad-hoc, beer-glamorous, beer-tasting events where I introduce you to some rather fabulous beer industry insiders!


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