Why I’m going to buy George Osborne a beer


‘Thanks, George! You’re a star!’ I secretly hoped I could say those words one day, and I’d rarely dared to dream. But now, I can let my feelings flow. Because I’m a woman who drinks beer, and The Chancellor has pleased me much! For most mainstream media, and non-beer drinkers, women like me are a bit odd. Female beer drinkers are pretty much dumped into the same category as that elderly lady you see on the news. You know the one? The one her concerned neighbour’s anonymously called the RSPCA about. The pensioner peeps her head forlornly around the small gap in her front door. Squinting at the animal officer in his smart peaked cap, she croaks ‘Good Morning’, as he spies what looks like dried soup on her cardigan collar. Mushroom or French Onion? Smack. A waft of ammonia darts out from inside the house and shoots up his nose, and as the lady steps back to let him inside the door reveals a hallway crammed chock full. Full of purring, playful cats of all shapes, sizes and colours wandering around her itty-bitty house, all dying to get out and greet their new beau. Who’s hopefully brought dinner.

To anyone who’s ever met me or read my blog in any depth, you’ll know that I’m not that woman. And I’m smiliest when I’m supping a damn fine beer. You’ll also know the reasons why I love my beer.  If not, then get delve into my website: you’ll find it tells you how healthy beer is: full of B vitamins and anti-oxidants, and how it’s a very viable, low strength alternative to the cheap wine and spirits. You know the likes of which are downed in abundance by some people as a pre-cursor to a ‘big night out’. My website recommends beers for you to try, especially if you’re new to the drink and you’re curious. And it will tell you about women’s ancient historical connection to beer! BOOM! So why else do I want to buy The Chancellor a drink?

George Osborne listened to the beer and pub industry, as well as thousands of beer drinkers in Britain, and axed the beer duty escalator in yesterday’s Budget. The tax  – which meant  annual inflationary tax increases levied on brewers – has been abolished. The figures from the British Beer And Pub Association speak for themselves: the UK was the highest country to be taxed on beer in the whole of Europe. And now – due to Osborne’s decision – beer prices will hopefully stabilise and thousands more jobs can be created. The industry can now get on with the job of continued growth and make an even bigger contribution to the economy than the £19 billion the industry was already adding to our GDP.

It was a big fight, with over 100,000 people signing an e-petition started by Hobgoblin Beer, and the Campaign for Real Ale, the Society of Independent Brewers, the Family Brewers Association, and others in the hospitality industry asked members and friends to support them in joining the battle too. Back in January the BBPA asked me to front a film, which was shown to The Treasury, asking George Osborne to recognise the massive economic and social significance that beer and pubs together (they go hand in hand) have on British life and the  economy, and to understand just how much the beer duty escalator was squeezing the industry.

I like many was working when news came through, so I delivered my reaction whilst celebrating in the Courtfield pub last night.

And here’s just a snapshot of the reaction on Twitter.














I’m proud to have been part of it all. As the #SaveYourPint website says: WE DID IT. CONGRATULATIONS.




3 Responses to Why I’m going to buy George Osborne a beer

  1. BEER BEAUTY says:

    You might notice I’ve had a big bloody-nosed fight with using Twitter embed for the first time. Some comments are floaters. Will try and sort soon :-)

  2. Main Man says:

    Yay! Great news and great write up :)

  3. Phil says:

    Bleedin brilliant news, it’s about time any politicians gave the British drinking public and the beer industry a break.

    Cheers Marv

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